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septic system field failure
It happens…Septic Field Failure

It's part of rural living, the part we would love to forget about...the septic system. For the most part things work, most of the time, but every now and again that unmistakable ‘whiff’...

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farm house with septic tank and septic system
I’m Experiencing Septic Problems: Ask the Pros!

For folks living in the city, it’s a worry-free experience - flush it down and away it goes, out of sight, out of mind forever. For acreage folks, it’s literally a daily concern...

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septic tank services
Parkland & Strathcona Counties’ Most Trusted Septic Service Provider

When you search for septic services in Edmonton and surrounding areas, you would typically find providers that focus on full system replacements. Most septic system issues don’t require a complete replacement. However, many...

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4 Reasons You Need a Professional Septic Tank Expert

For rural homes, a septic system is one of the most important structures that require routine servicing and maintenance to keep it working optimally. Any damage to a septic system can result in...

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How to Deal with a Frozen Septic Tank or Septic System

Alberta’s cold temperatures and ever-changing weather conditions can have drastically negative impacts on septic systems. Frozen septic fields and frozen septic lines can lead to backups into the house and permanent cracks or...

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How to Prevent a Frozen Septic System This Winter

It happens more often than we would obviously like - septic systems can freeze during harsh winters in Canada. Telltale signs that your septic system is frozen are septic alarms, a high-level septic...

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Winter Septic Tank Repair in Strathcona, Alberta

One of the most common questions in relation to winter septic tank repair is if a septic tank can freeze during the winter. Technically, septic tanks do not freeze over the winter because...

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Understanding Your Septic Tank and Septic System

If you have a septic system, understanding the basics of how your septic tank and septic system work will help you prolong its life. Septic systems should last between 20-40 years - however,...

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What To Do When Your Septic Tank Alarm Goes Off

    Septic alarms are designed to alert you when the sewer water level in the septic tank is too high and poses a potential risk of overflow and backup. When your septic...

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Can A Septic Tank Inspection Protect Your Property?

When you’re experiencing an issue with your septic system, usually the problem has built up gradually over time. These issues can range from simple fixes to serious and costly situations. Scheduling regular septic...

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