It happens…Septic Field Failure

septic system field failure

It’s part of rural living, the part we would love to forget about…the septic system. For the most part things work, most of the time, but every now and again that unmistakable ‘whiff’ reminds us that a disposal process is going on underground not far from the serenity of the house, deck and yard. Over time there is an inevitable fact, the system will fail as the ground becomes saturated with results that could be literally devastating. Ever notice a soft spot or liquid pooling where it shouldn’t be…or that odour? If the alarms don’t go off in your mind when this happens, they should…your drainfield or mound is sending you а clear message “I’m FULL”.

Septic disposal fields have a life span, period. In northern Alberta the average is around 15 – 20 years. The failure of over 95% of systems is a result of the soil in the field clogging with a thing called biomat. This heavy organic sludge is secreted by the anaerobic bacteria throughout the system as it processes the wastewater and is carried through resting in the drainfield. Biomat builds over time to the point where the ground is saturated and cannot take (percolate) any more water. When this happens, the sewage effluent has only two alternatives – come up through the ground or go backwards into your house. Neither alternative has positive results, will be very expensive & inconvenient to remediate present serious health risks to the family

So, when the system fails (or is about to) traditionally there has been only one way to fix it, full system replacement. It’s simple to understand; bring in large equipment, dig up everything, drop a new (larger) tank and build a whole new septic field.

With changes over the years to municipal codes in Alberta, new septic ‘fields’ are rarely permitted – an above grade ‘mound’ will most likely be the new disposal area. Alternatively, there are certified advanced treatment plant systems which permit alternate natural drainage areas with exceptionally large septic tanks.

It’s part of rural living, the part we really don’t want to hear about around $45,000 – $70,000 …or more when replacement is a requirement.

Those days could be behind us, for good. Certified advanced technology & repair processes have proven beyond any doubt to actually be able to ‘turn back time’ on aging and failed septic fields, mounds & sand filters bringing them back to full function and maintaining the health of the system indefinitely. This certified technology consumes the anaerobic biomat and other organic material throughout the soil system clearing and remediating the clog to once again accept & percolate the sewage effluent water.

Fixing the Problem

Over 95% of saturated or failed septic fields can be remediated or ‘fixed’ avoiding costly replacement, and they will last forever with the SepTech Canada method in place.

It’s a natural approach using certified advanced technology equipment (similar to a treatment plant) to introduce and maintain a patented blend of aerobic bacteria found in nature that is very aggressive, overtaking the anaerobic culture in the system and literally devouring the problem. The result is truly amazing, especially to long time rural folk.

Aside from the remediating action and restoration of the septic field, there is the complete lack of odour anywhere, not even in the septic tank once the system is engaged and operating.

“Go ahead, give it a whiff” says Shane Young (with a grin of conviction). Shane is the Director of Operations at SepTech Solutions Canada Inc., the Canadian representative and installer of this advanced equipment and certified bio-technology.

Sure enough, nothing… smell whatsoever. In another display of confidence, he hoists a liquid sample directly from the septic tank, a clear odourless liquid ascends from what should have been an unimaginable test sample. “This is what is going out to the field” he proudly confirms.

A recent study of active installations of this technology in Alberta performed by the University of Calgary on behalf of the Government of Alberta proved beyond any doubt that this certified technology would remove up to 99% of organic solids in residential sewage, even at high strength.

As the treated & enhanced effluent is discharged to the drainfield, the healthy bacteria are carried with it, alive and hungry throughout the disposal lines and ground soil. “This is exactly how it happens in nature, but now underground.” says Shane, “once this system is in place and has taken over the process your septic field organic failure worries are in the past.” As an aside and additional bonus, the septic tank will rarely if ever require pump-out as no organic solids remain as the process cycles and digests. Another cost and hassle savings.

SepTech Canada’s proprietary method & technology has become overwhelmingly popular as a proactive approach with many new home construction projects as well, installing the system right from the beginning giving a septic system literal immortality. “Why wait until the problem happens, and the costly clean-up process ensues?” says Young, “this system not only remediates (fixes) failed systems, it will ensure that a healthy field never fails.”

With over 10,000 active installations, the SepTech Canada method & certified technology has a 100% success record.

A Lifetime Warranty is placed with absolute confidence on qualified repair projects.