Simple Tips to Prepare Your Septic Tank & System for Spring

Simple Tips to Prepare Your Septic Tank for spring

The weather is finally warming up in Alberta, and we’re gladly welcoming the warmer months to come. Spring is an important time to pay attention to your septic system. As the snow melts and the ground thaws, excess water can overwhelm a septic system, potentially leading to backups or even system failure. This makes spring an ideal time to have your septic system inspected, cleaned, and serviced if necessary.

Spring Maintenance Tips for Septic Systems

As you start to bring out your patio furniture and prep your yard for spring and summer, don’t forget to pay attention to your septic system. Septic service in Edmonton and surrounding areas should become a routine part of your spring prep list. Here are some simple tips for maintaining your septic system in the spring:

Inspect your septic tank – Check your septic tank for any signs of damage, such as cracks or leaks. If you notice any problems, it’s important to have them repaired as soon as possible.

Pump your septic tank – If you’re due for septic tank pumping, have your septic tank pumped and cleaned by a professional in the spring as the snow and ice thaw. This will ensure that the tank is not overloaded and that the system is working properly.

Check the drain field – Make sure the drain field is free of any debris, such as leaves or branches, which could block the system. Keep equipment and machines off this area as septic systems as weight applied over these areas can damage the septic system and cause issues with soil compaction.

Conserve water – During spring, there is usually more rain, which can contribute to overloading your septic system. To prevent this, conserve water by fixing any leaky faucets or toilets, spread out water usage, and encourage your household to be mindful of their water use. Instead of doing multiple loads on “laundry day,” try to do no more than one load of laundry each day, or if you need to do two, space them out so you do one in the morning and one in the evening or even overnight.

Plant trees and shrubs away from the system – If you’re planning on doing any landscaping this spring, make sure to plant trees and shrubs at least 10 feet away from the septic system. Roots can damage the system and cause costly repairs.

Use septic-safe products – Make sure to only use septic-safe products in your home, such as toilet paper that breaks down easily in water and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Harsh chemicals can damage your septic system and harm the environment. One item marked as “septic safe” that probably shouldn’t be is cleaning wipes and baby wipes. We do not find that these products break down as claimed and have often found them getting into places they shouldn’t.

Septic System Inspections in the Spring

It’s a good idea to schedule a septic system inspection in the spring. During the winter, your septic system may have been subjected to freezing temperatures, heavy snow, and excess water, which can all affect the system’s function. Having your system inspected in the spring can help identify any potential issues and ensure that it is functioning properly. Regular inspections and maintenance can help prolong the life of your septic system and prevent costly repairs or replacements down the line.

A septic system inspection should include:

  • Checking the condition and size of the tank
  • A full assessment of the drain field area
  • Any landscaping or grading concerns that may influence system operation
  • Any concerns regarding the sizing of the system compared to the occupancy of the home
  • The condition of mechanical and plumbing equipment, alarms, etc., including testing and analysis of their performance and confirming proper, reliable operation

Inspectors will check every aspect of the system and provide any recommendations for maintenance, repair, or part replacement.

Schedule Septic Service in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

SepTech Canada specializes in repairing residential septic systems in the counties of Strathcona, Sturgeon, Beaver, Camrose, Leduc, and Parkland. Whether you want to schedule a septic system inspection, your septic alarm has been triggered, or you simply want peace of mind that your septic system is operating as it should, give us a call, and we can help.