Septic Tank Alarms Installation & Repair

Nearly 100% of sewer back-ups in the house are a result of not having a septic tank alarm.

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A septic alarm can & will save you from costly sewer backups in your house.

A professionally installed septic alarm is your first line of defence when something goes wrong with your septic system. The alarm signal is meant to warn you of sewer water level issues in the septic tank. If you are in need of immediate support, SepTech Canada promises immediate response, 24/7.

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SepTech Solutions Septic Equipment

If you have a septic system, an alarm is a key component to protect your property.

Septic alarms let you know when the system needs attention. It alerts you when something isn’t right, such as the water level being higher or lower than it should be which can indicate an issue with the pump, timer, floats, and other parts. This can help you avoid an emergency situation such as wastewater flowing back into your home. Without a septic alarm, you won’t know that there is an issue until it becomes an emergency situation. When the alarm is activated, you have time to address the issue and typically have a day’s worth of water usage depending on the size of your tank and household use.

Installing A Septic Alarm

Septic alarms can be installed in a variety of places, including outside of the tank, mounted to the wall of your home, or inside your property.

There are different types of septic tank alarms: 

  • A dedicated circuit – We typically recommend having a dedicated circuit or a separate circuit from the septic system’s effluent pump. When a pump failure overloads an electrical circuit and trips the breaker, the alarm on the same circuit loses its power and cannot alert you of the issue.
  • Exterior power – When a dedicated circuit is not possible, we can provide an exterior powered alarm with failover protection. An exterior alarm can isolate the effluent pump from the alarm circuit so that the alarm will keep working in the event of an overload and a tripped circuit breaker.
  • Wireless – Wireless alarms offer flexibility for existing septic systems that don’t already have an alarm in place and float cables and electrical may not be possible. Wireless alarms use WiFi or Bluetooth technology to transmit signals between the septic tank and the homeowner to alert them of potential issues.

Septic tank alarms consist of three elements: a float or level monitoring system to gauge how high the wastewater in the tank is getting, a visual component, and a siren or buzzer. Whether you have an old or newer system, there really is no good reason not to have a septic alarm. This simple yet effective device can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in property damages and repairs.

What to do if your septic alarm goes off…

When your septic alarm goes off, it’s usually not a reason to panic. They are designed to alert you of an impending issue before it becomes something serious so that you have time to act.

The first thing to do is check for any sewer water entering the home, typically at the floor drain(s). Check the septic tank effluent level by opening the lid and observing the height of the water. Let the household know to reduce the amount of water usage until the issue is resolved.

Next, call us at: (780) 640-1518 and we will have a technician walk you through some diagnostic questions and basic troubleshooting. When required, we will have a technician do an on-site assessment promptly. Never ignore a septic alarm when it goes off and always call a professional as soon as possible.

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Septic Alarm System

SepTech Canada’s septic alarm installation

When you choose SepTech Canada for your alarm installation, you can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality products and expert services. We offer the most comprehensive warranties and guarantees in the industry, ranging from 20 years on Workmanship to Lifetime on technology and equipment.

Our technicians take the time to teach you about your new alarm system and how it works. Unlike a shared sewage system, your septic system is yours and yours only – it’s your responsibility to take care of it and maintain it. We educate our clients on how their septic system works and how to prevent common issues to help keep it functioning properly for as long as possible.

Contact us with any questions or concerns about your septic system!

Whether you have questions about septic system equipment, accessories, or repair, we are happy to help. SepTech Canada is a leading provider of septic services and products using the latest in septic system technology.

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“…provided me with all options and worked with me to save money…

Very professional and friendly crew. Got to the heart of the issue quickly and provided me with all options and worked with me to save money where possible. I appreciated them taking the time to educate me on the science behind this new system. It definitely gave me some confidence with it all! Great experience!!

SepTech Customer | Megan Eliuk

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