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Experiencing an issue with your septic tank or system? You’ve come to the right place. SepTech Canada is the only septic repair specialist in the industry that focuses on repair and remediation wherever possible.

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We provide professional septic system and septic tank services in Edmonton and the surrounding rural counties:

Strathcona County, Parkland County, Leduc County, Sturgeon County, Beaver County, Lac Ste Anne County, Wetaskiwin County, Camrose County, Lamont County, and the City of Edmonton

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Septic Field Repair Services

Over 80% of drain field failures are fully repairable through restoration of the aged and clogged soil. Using certified advanced technology, we can restore and save the existing field without the need for any system replacement. CALL FOR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE & SERVICE.

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Septic system replacement is not the only option.

Traditionally, homeowners with a failing septic system were given only one option – to replace their entire septic system. A full septic system replacement is an expensive and intrusive project which may not be required. Our certified technicians specialize in analyzing septic system failure to discover repairable options for septic tanks, drain fields, mounds, and sand filters. Repair and remediation are typically a fraction of the cost of a new system, saving you thousands of dollars with qualified repairs.

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Canada’s best choice for septic services.

Whether it’s a routine septic tank maintenance service, emergency repair, or a new installation, we are the experts in servicing and repairing residential septic systems. Unlike other septic service providers, our goal is to avoid a full replacement and instead focus on repairing your existing septic system whenever possible. We help you understand your septic system, how it works, and will never sell you a service that you don’t need.

24/7 Support - Give us a call and one of our experienced professionals will respond within minutes. When required, we conduct on-site visits immediately.

Professionals You Can Trust - We offer the most extensive septic system inspections, evaluation protocol, and reporting in our industry, especially for real estate transactions.

Peace Of Mind - When you choose SepTech Canada, you receive the most robust guarantees and warranties in the industry, nationwide - ranging from 20 years on workmanship to Lifetime on technology and equipment.

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We’re Canada’s leader in soil recovery… Advanced bio-technology to repair failing drain fields, mounds, and sand filters without replacement.

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Do you need emergency repairs?

Call (780) 640-1518 now and we can find a solution. Our team is available 24/7 for emergency visits.

Does your septic system freeze in winter?

Freezing in the winter is a common problem with a variety of causes, all are repairable without replacement. We offer both repair as well as emergency services to thaw frozen septic systems.

Does your septic system have an alarm?

100% of septic system backups can be avoided with a professionally installed, working septic alarm. Call us today to schedule service & installation.

SepTech Canada provides industry leading service, repair and advice

We offer the most extensive septic system inspections, evaluation protocol & reporting in our industry, especially for real estate transactions.

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Our team of professionals will work to find the right solution for you.

Every member of our team is educated and experienced in all aspects of our trade including advanced biotechnologies, conventional methods, regulatory compliance and mechanicals.

Why choose SepTech Canada?

We offer financing on all services & products.

A failing septic system can be a frustrating and often frightening experience with worries about cost. At SepTech Canada, we do our best to find a cost-effective solution for even the most complex challenges. We offer financing on all of our services and products for your peace of mind (OAC).

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"Happy I chose SepTech, thanks for everything."

Really great people and process, and fantastic communication. They fixed and improved my failing septic system quickly and saved us from an impending disaster. Happy I chose SepTech, thanks for everything.

SepTech Customer | Matt McGale

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Maintaining a healthy septic system

Preventing septic system failure starts with understanding how the septic tank works. The septic tank is responsible for breaking down waste and releasing water that’s clean enough to safely filter back into the Earth.

  • When waste is flushed or drained, it flows to the septic tank
  • Bacteria breaks down the organic matter
  • Sludge (heavier, inorganic solids) falls to the bottom of the septic tank while scum (fats, greases, and oils) floats to the top
  • Watery effluent flows to the drain field while the septic tank filter prevents solids from entering the outlet pipe
  • The drain field is a large area where aerobic bacteria complete the decomposition of the waste
  • Clean water percolates into the ground

The septic tank is designed to hold organic materials that can break down and decompose naturally. Excess sludge can cause an overflow and potentially plug the pipe. For this reason, it’s important to avoid flushing or draining material that cannot decompose, such as cigarette butts, sanitary napkins and tampons, diapers, coffee grounds, and chemicals. At SepTech, we take the time to educate our clients on how their septic tank works so they can avoid things that can harm the system.