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SepTech Canada provides industry leading service, repair and advice to rural homeowners throughout the counties of Strathcona, Sturgeon, Beaver, Camrose, Leduc and Parkland. We focus on the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions using advanced technology to discover the best course for every client.

Our Septic Services

Full septic system replacement is an expensive and intrusive project which may not be required. Our certified technicians specialize in analyzing septic system failure to discover repairable options for drainfields, mounds and sand filters. Repair and remediation typically is a fraction of the cost of a new system saving thousands for qualified repairs.

Septic Field Repair

A properly functioning drainfeild is un-noticable. If there is effluent at the surface, soft ground or odour We Can Help. 


Working pumps, alarms, floats, etc are essential for septic systems to function properly & safely. We Install and Service. 


Have questions about your septic system? We specialize in producing reports and advising homeowners on best practices.

Featured Services & Tech

SepTech Solutions Canada, Inc. leads the industry using innovation, experience and advanced technologies to solve the most common issues experienced by rural home owners. A failing septic system can be a frustrating and often frightening part of rural living, we discover the best and most economical solutions to even the most complex challenges.

SepTech Canada is the only service provider with specialized, highly trained technicians exclusivly focussed on discovering repair options for drain fields, mounds, sand filters and surface discharge. Through extensive assessment and on-site consultation we are able to qualify select clients for approved use of advanced technology to fix drainage problems without replacing the system. This is an enormous savings for clients, typically quick installation and noticable results in short time frame. Contact Us if you are experiencing drain field failure or issues to schedule an assessment.

 SepTech Canada sells, installs & services the highest quality equipment and accesories to ensure septic systems are working to the highest standards. Our technicians deliver products to the residence and provide full installation on-demand according to both the manufacturers guideline and provincial code. We recommend that all on-site septic systems, regardless of age have annual pro-active assessment of pumps, floats, alarms and drainfields. Regular advice and ‘eyes on’ consultation with an experienced technician greatly reduces emergencies, winter freeze and equipment failure. If you are unsure of what you have, or how it works, Contact Us for a No Obligation Consultation at your property.


When septic systems fail at the drainfield is is most often caused by a build-up over time of thick slime in the soil called biomat. This organic weave inside the drain field slows the water flow until it is eventually resistant and appears at the surface instead of going down. Most often homeowners experience soft or muddy conditions, foul odours, and very lush green grass. This can present a significant health & safety threat, environmental concern and considerable risk of winter freeze which could result in sewage back-up into the home.

A certified Aerobic Bacteria Generator converts the septic tank into an oxygen rich environment while innoculating the effluent (wastewater) with a specific bacteria culture focussed on consuming organic matter both in the septic tank and further throughout the drain field. Following a short period of remediation while the biomat is digested, organically failed drain fields return to normal function indefinitely.

SepTech Solutions is proud to be the Canadian national representative and exclusive certified installer of SludgeHammer™ Aerobic Bacteria Generators, the only technology of it’s class to be recognized by both the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada to be a safe and effective option to remediate failing systems.

SludgeHammer ABG systems are designed for residential use to fit into existing septic systems. No new tanks or retrofits are necessary for qualified applications. Contact Us to schedule an on-site assessment to determine if your septic system would benefit from this advanced technology. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my septic system is failing?

Symptoms of a failed septic system vary from surfacing effluent in the area of the disposal field, surfacing over the septic tank, strong odours, more lush grass over the disposal field and backed up plumbing and drains. If you are experiencing any symptoms of septic failure please contact us immediately for an assessment. 

A working septic alarm (high water) is an integral piece of equipment to your comfort. A high limit alarm will indicate if there is a problem inside the septic tank and alert you before a sewage backup is realized inside your home.

We install and service septic alarms for all of our valued clients. 

How do I know what kind of septic system I have?

Typically, there are two main categories – conventional and advanced treatment. Within these categories are dozens of variables as every septic system was designed specifically for the property it services. This can include but not limited to type of tank, size of tank, processing, pressurization, drainfeild type, condition and age. 

Knowing how your septic system works starts with knowing what it is. SepTech Canada offers assesment & confidential reporting services to determine the vital aspects, assets and description of your septic system. 

How often do I need to pump out my septic tank?

With a conventional septic system as a general rule, you should ideally have your septic tank pumped out once every three to five years. However, the actual frequency will vary depending on usage and how many people live in your household. Note that pumping out your septic tank too often can actually inhibit the system from working properly as the biological culture needed is eliminated each time and needs to re-establish itself. 

Septic systems with a certified Aerobic Bacteria Generator installed for remediation reduces and often eliminates the need for pumping out the tank. SepTech Canada is proud to be the only certified installer of ABG technology in Canada. 

There's an awful sewer smell in my house, what should I do?

The answer starts with a question – do you have an alarm on your septic system? If not, call for service and we’ll install one for you. An alarm will tell you if you have high water in your septic tank and are in jeopardy of a backup.

Next, confirm that the water in the septic tank is at normal level. If you don’t know, call for service and we will dispatch a technician immediately.

Finally, if you can confirm that the water level is normal in the septic tank – you most likely have one or more dry p-traps in the house. The p-trap is a loop underneath every drain in the house that stops sewer gas from passing into the home, if it is dry there is no barrier. The solution is simple, go through you home and put one litre of water down every drain, run every tap & shower for  bit, and flush every toilet. This should re-fill the dry trap(s) and block the sewer gas.

If any of the solutions above does not cure the problem call for service and we will dispatch a technician to your home. 780.640.1518

Can I use bleach in my laundry or for cleaning?

Chlorine bleach is never recommended for use in households where a septic system is in use. By it’s very nature, chlorine is a disinfectant that kills bacteria – you need healthy bacteria in your septic tank to process the wastewater.

But even worse, the smallest amount of drain cleaner can be terrible. One study found it only takes about a teaspoon of chemical drain cleaner to completely kill the beneficial bacteria in a septic tank.

Look for cleaners and products that have clear labelling that they are safe for use with septic systems.

Is your work guaranteed?

We stand behind our work 100% with a Lifetime Guarantee on remediation projects and extensive warrantees on all installed equipment. At SepTech Canada we are extremely proud of our 5 star service reviews and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Why Choose SepTech Canada

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work 100% with a Lifetime Guarantee on remediation projects and extensive warrantees on all installed equipment.

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SepTech Canada is the exclusive certified installer and consult for many advanced technologies that provide exceptional options for homeowners.

No Obligation Consultation

Our experienced technicians perform on-site assessments to confirm issues and propose solutions for any concerns or problems with your septic system. 

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