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We offer a full range of septic system repair services with a 20 Year Workmanship Warranty.

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SepTech Canada is the only septic Repair Specialist in our industry in Canada.

This means that we focus exclusively on repairs while other septic service providers prioritize full system replacements. Your septic system is made of several important parts that can be replaced if it’s damaged or malfunctioning. We can replace pumps, repair alarms, relieve backups, address pumping problems, and all other repairs.

Whether you’re looking for emergency repairs or you want to schedule a routine maintenance appointment, we can help. We also complete inspections and reports, septic field remediation, emergency services, new septic system design and installation, and more. We are the experts in septic system repair and servicing.

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We use high-quality equipment and the latest technology.

Every member of our team is educated and experienced in all aspects of our trade, including advanced biotechnologies, conventional methods, regulatory compliance, and mechanicals. When you call us, we will ask you some preliminary diagnostic questions and walk you through your septic system to help us identify the issue. If necessary, we will deploy a technician to make an on-site assessment of your system and report back with service recommendations.

At SepTech Canada, our technicians operate with a high level of integrity and will never sell you a service that you don’t need. If we can avoid a full system replacement, we will. Our solutions are cost-effective, environmentally responsible, and will help extend the life of your septic system.

Septic Field Repair Services

Over 80% of drain field failures are fully repairable through restoration of the aged and clogged soil. Using certified advanced technology, we can restore and save the existing field without the need for any system replacement. CALL FOR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE & SERVICE.

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How to tell if the issue is an emergency…

It’s a stressful situation when something goes wrong with your septic system. You worry about property damage and the system itself completely failing, requiring a full replacement. However, not all problems are emergencies. If you’re experiencing a septic issue, watch out for these warning signs that may indicate your system is failing:

  • Foul order – If you smell sewage through the pipes in your toilet, sinks, or showers, call us right away before the issue gets worse.
  • Slow water draining or clogged toilets – Bathtubs, sinks, and toilets that are slow to drain or if the toilet is bubbling when you flush, especially in the lower levels of your home, are a sign that your system is clogged. It’s important not to delay or ignore this issue as the blockage can worsen and lead to sewage going back into your home.
  • Standing water in the drain field – Leaking sewage is a serious health and environmental issue. If you notice puddles of wastewater in the drain field or a foul smell around it, this is a clear sign that your septic system needs attention.

If you don’t have one already, we recommend installing a septic alarm. An alarm will alert you when the water levels in your septic system are high. This gives you time to act before it becomes an emergency. Having a septic alarm can and will save you thousands of dollars in extensive repairs and property damage.

Yearly septic
system inspections

Of course, we want to prevent emergencies before they happen and one of the best ways to do this is to keep a well-maintained septic system. You should be getting an inspection and a written report on the condition of your septic system every year. This allows your septic technician to identify and address any issues early and helps ensure that your septic system runs properly all year round.

At SepTech Canada, we offer the most detailed and extensive inspections and reports in the industry, including no-obligation service recommendations that reflect what is on the inspection.

When you create a file with us, we hold on to these reports so you’ll always have access to them and any maintenance performed. Getting an annual inspection is your first line of defence in preventing emergencies and costly damages.

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Understanding your
septic system

Unlike a central sewage system, your home’s septic system is yours and yours only. Ultimately, you are responsible for maintaining and taking care of it. As a client or homeowner, properly maintaining your septic system starts with understanding how the system works.

We want you to feel confident in your knowledge about your septic system.

Our professional technicians take the time to educate you on your septic system, the different parts, functionalities, and the process. When you feel confident in your knowledge, it’s easier to spot issues early on and navigate how to respond. This allows you to take proactive steps and keep your septic system operating as it should for years to come.

How to Book a Septic System Repair

Contact us to book a septic system repair – we are prepared to answer any questions you may have about your septic system. SepTech Canada focuses on finding the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions for every client using advanced technology.

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"... they took extra time to help me avoid this problem in the future."

The team at SepTech Solutions were very quick in dealing with my septic issue. They also took the time to help me understand what the issue was and fixed it quickly for a good price. Once done they took extra time to help me avoid this problem in the future. Would highly recommend.

SepTech Customer | Joel Bernard

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