Winter Septic System & Septic Tank Services

Year-round septic system maintenance, repair, and emergency services in Alberta.

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We offer winter and seasonal repair services, including freeze relief & thawing, mechanical repair, and alarm installation.

In cold climates, septic systems are susceptible to freezing and can cause a complete blockage in pipes from slow ice formation. When this happens, we need to relieve these symptoms immediately to prevent core problems in the spring and summer. Anytime is a good time for a full septic system inspection and to complete repairs and maintenance before the colder temperatures arrive.

Homeowners who understand how their septic system works and the potential risks throughout the seasons have a better chance of extending the life of their systems. Routine inspections, repairs, and maintenance throughout the year when needed can help prevent common septic system issues and a costly replacement.

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Septic Alarm System

A septic alarm can and will save you from costly sewer backups

Did you know that nearly 100% of sewer backups in the house are a result of not having a septic alarm? Septic tank alarms are triggered when operating conditions of the septic system fall out of the normal range. For example, if the water level is higher than it should be, the alarm’s job is to alert you before the issue becomes a threat with the potential of damaging your property.

A professionally installed septic alarm is your first line of defence when something goes wrong with your septic system. The alarm signal is meant to warn you of water level issues. If you are in need of immediate support, SepTech Canada promises to respond 24 hours a day – we’re here when you need us.

Septic System Winter Repair Services

We offer onsite emergency and general repair services year round, especially in the winter months when failures are most surprising and potentially devastating. Surface discharging your septic system can carry substantial fines and poses serious health & safety risks. Have a certified technician repair your system for long-term comfort & safety. CALL FOR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE & SERVICE.

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Keep Your Septic System Healthy

Septic systems have an average lifespan between 15-40 years. How long a system lasts depends on a number of factors – a significant one being how well it is maintained. Like any type of system, your septic system requires inspections and repairs over the course of its lifetime to keep it running at an optimal level.

Protecting your septic system:

  • Inform your guests about the unique needs of a septic system – Family gatherings during the summer and the holidays mean a sudden increase in the use of the septic system. Remind your guests that food particles, feminine products, bleach, detergent, wipes, paper towels, plastics, and heavy chemicals should not be flushed or sent down the drain.
  • Schedule regular inspections – A full septic system inspection should be done annually. At SepTech, we conduct a complete on-site analysis and report to detect potential issues. All recommended maintenance helps prevent the problem from becoming a full system replacement.
  • Don’t ignore small issues – Surfacing sewer water in the field, freezing in winter, slow drains, alarms, and foul odours are telltale signs of a septic system that needs your attention. If we can identify problems early enough to have them repaired, you can save yourself a lot of money and stress.

In a climate like Alberta’s, there are many seasonal septic issues to consider, including freezing in the winter months and flooding during spring. While every season has its risk, we can help reduce your chances of needing an emergency repair or service during a frigid winter night or in the middle of a storm. If it’s been a while since your last septic system inspection, now is a good time to schedule a full system inspection with SepTech Canada.

Septic system services

A full septic system replacement is not the only option for a failing septic system.

At SepTech Canada, our experienced technicians specialize in discovering repairable solutions for drain fields, mounds, and sand filters. We analyze the cause of septic system failures and focus on remediation when possible.

We are Canada’s leading experts in servicing and repairing residential septic systems.

Types of septic systems
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Enjoy peace of mind

All of our services and products come with the most comprehensive guarantees and warranties in the industry, ranging from 20 years on workmanship to Lifetime on technology and equipment.

Our team can solve some of the most common septic system issues experienced by rural homeowners.

How To Book Winter / Seasonal Septic Services

If you’re experiencing issues with your septic system, call us and we will respond within minutes. We have 24/7 emergency service and are prepared to answer any questions you may have about your septic system. SepTech Canada offers the highest quality solutions to septic system issues.

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Septech Solutions was great from the first call to the final walk through. All the techs we dealt with were very professional and walked us through every step. Everything was done absolutely right so we never have to worry about our septic system again.

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