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Strathcona County Septic Services  

SepTech Canada specializes in repair to residential septic systems in the counties of Strathcona, Sturgeon, Beaver, Camrose, Leduc, and Parkland.

Drainfield Repairs

A properly functioning drainfeild is un-noticable. If there is effluent at the surface, soft ground or odour We Can Help. 


Working pumps, alarms, floats, etc are essential for septic systems to function properly & safely. We Install and Service.


Have questions about your septic system? We specialize in producing reports and advising homeowners on best practices.


Drainfield & Mound Repairs


Over 90% of drainfield failures are caused by an organic clogging of the soil that slows or stops wastewater from flowing downwards causing septic effluent to appear at the surface. We are able to relieve this clogging by remediating the soil’s absorption ability for qualified repairs. System replacement may not be required. 


Contact Us for a site & system assessment with a certified technician to qualify the failure and cause – this must be done in-person at the residence. For organic failures we will propose a course of action and equipment required to remediate the drainfield to proper and healthy function. 

System Equipment


Working pumps, alarms, floats, etc are essential for septic systems to function properly & safely. We Supply, Install and Service all major brands


SepTech Canada provides the most trusted consultation on required equipment in the industry. Our experienced technicians advise clients on the best solution for each septic system including warrantee information, life expectancy and installation advice.


We offer and recommend professional installation of all equipment that operates your septic system. Have confidence when an experienced technician installs and explains your new device, manufacturers warrantee and the SepTech Installation Guarantee


Whether we installed it, you did it yourself or it was put in so long ago no one knows – we will send a technician to your residence to service your system equipment. Don’t worry, we can get your system running properly. 



SepTech Canada offers confidential on-site assessment for all residential septic systems. 


Schedule a certified technician to test and assess the entire septic system including the septic tank, drainfield and discharge, with equipment testing of pumps, filters, floats & alarms. Septic tank entry is available where required.


SepTech Canada certified technicians provide extensive written reports for clients and homeowners on all aspects of the septic system assessment. This includes but not limited to descriptions of size, capacity, condition and code compatibility/comparison. All reports include any recommendations without obligation. 


All inspections and septic system assessments are performed exclusively for the party engaging SepTech Solutions Canada and are provided confidentially therein.

Why Choose SepTech Canada

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work 100% with a Lifetime Guarantee on remediation projects and extensive warrantees on all installed equipment.

Industry Leading Tech

SepTech Canada is the exclusive certified installer and consult for many advanced technologies that provide exceptional options for homeowners.

No Obligation Consultation

Our experienced technicians perform on-site assessments to confirm issues and propose solutions for any concerns or problems with your septic system. 


Schedule Consultation & Estimate

It is our pleasure to schedule a time for personal consultation at your property.