4 Reasons You Need a Professional Septic Tank Expert


For rural homes, a septic system is one of the most important structures that require routine servicing and maintenance to keep it working optimally. Any damage to a septic system can result in wastewater backing up into the home or property, which can lead to more damage and create serious health risks. Additionally, septic issues are progressive – they only get worse and end up becoming more expensive.

All of the above highlight the importance of hiring a professional septic service in Edmonton and Rural Alberta. Whether it’s winter septic tank services, spring and summer maintenance, or an inspection in the fall, here are four reasons why servicing a septic system should only be left to the experts.

1. Saves Money

Unfortunately, some homeowners attempt to fix their septic system themselves or ignore issues altogether and end up with a costly repair or complete replacement. While purchasing a generic septic system part and replacing it yourself may seem like a cost-effective solution, it often leads to more issues down the road.

Sometimes, the symptom does not present the problem in its complete picture, and you could be replacing the wrong part. Septic pumps, for example, must be specifically matched to the system requirements for your septic system design. Each pump has a specific performance curve that tells your septic professional how it will perform at your property – this goes way beyond trying to match up horsepower ratings. If the pump delivers too much or too little pressure to your drainfield, your system will not function properly and irreversible damage often occurs. This is actually the most common way that homeowners ruin their systems, while under the impression they’re “saving money on repairs.”

On top of that, consider the time it would take to learn how to replace the part and acquire the right tools. A professional has the knowledge and equipment to correctly identify and diagnose the problem and recommend the right solution.

Additionally, professional septic service companies like SepTech Solutions Canada have insurance in case of an accident. When you attempt a DIY project on your septic system and it causes damage to your property, you are financially liable for the repairs.

2. Prevents Health & Safety Issues

Any wastewater that leaks back into your property or sits on the drain field exposes the public and the environment to many dangerous health risks. Sewage and wastewater contain harmful bacteria and toxic gasses such as methane and hydrogen sulphide. The fumes will impact your health and the safety of homeowners and the environment.

Wastewater leaking back into your home or sitting in your drain field is indicative of a serious problem and is always considered an emergency. A professional septic service company can quickly diagnose and service the problem, and offer recommendations to mitigate the risk of the issue happening again.

3. Avoids Hefty Fines

In addition to serious health and safety risks, wastewater discharged to the surface of the property is illegal and can lead to a fine of up to $100,000 or more. If you notice wastewater coming back into your home or sitting on the surface, it’s important to call for professional septic services immediately to diagnose and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Even if the signs of a clogged drain field seem mild, the last thing you want to do is wait until it becomes a bigger issue and you’re faced with a fine or a problem that can no longer be repaired. Professional septic system services address the issue before replacement is necessary, and remediate any potential problems.

4. Protects Your Property

A damaged septic system or one that has not been serviced and inspected regularly will decline your property’s overall value. Unlike a central sewage system, your home’s septic system is yours and yours only. As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining and taking care of it. A properly maintained septic system can and should last a lifetime.

Rather than having septic system repairs and a septic system inspection done when an issue arises, a regular yearly inspection of your entire system can prevent backups, flooding, and serious property damage.

At SepTech Solutions Canada, our professional technicians take the time to educate you on your septic system, including the different parts, functionalities, and how to spot issues early on. When you’re confident about how your septic system works, you can take proactive steps to keep your septic system operating as it should for years to come.