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Using the most advanced technologies to repair and solve common septic problems.

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SepTech Canada’s certified technicians are trained to help find a solution without needing to replace the entire septic system.

Most septic system service providers simply don’t focus on the latest technology and advancements – that’s where SepTech Canada differentiates from the rest. We use the only technology in its class to be recognized by both the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada to be a safe and effective option to remediate failing systems. We are licensed and certified to install and service these advanced technologies as well as all conventional (and unconventional) septic systems.

At SepTech Canada, our technicians and management teams operate with the highest ethics in our industry, providing honest advice and only doing work that is absolutely required. You can rest assured that we will not try to upsell you or recommend a replacement if repair is possible. If you have a failing septic system, we will do an on-site assessment to determine if repair is possible and recommend the most cost-effective solution.

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We’re Canada’s leader in soil recovery Advanced BioTechnology to repair failing drain fields, mounds, and sand filters without replacement.

When septic systems fail at the drain field, it is most often caused by a build-up over time of thick slime in the soil called biomat. This organic weave inside the drain field slows the water flow until it is eventually resistant and appears at the surface instead of going down.

A certified SludgeHammer™ Aerobic Bacteria Generator converts the septic tank into an oxygen-rich environment while inoculating the effluent (wastewater) with a specific bacteria culture focused on consuming organic matter, both in the septic tank and further throughout the drain field. Following a short period of remediation while the biomat is digested, organically failed drain fields return to normal function indefinitely.

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SludgeHammer™ units are designed for seamless compatibility with any standard septic tank, and they have a straightforward installation process and remarkably low energy consumption. This efficiency dramatically diminishes the frequency and cost associated with sludge removal services. Thanks to the unit’s design, maintenance requirements are significantly reduced. The system features a single mechanical element, a low-watt linear blower, positioned for easy maintenance and cleaning.

SepTech is equipped with the latest technology, tools, and expertise for comprehensive septic system repairs, including thorough inspections to avoid potential issues and septic tank pumping services. Leveraging SludgeHammer’s innovative technology, SepTech effectively rejuvenates aging and obstructed soil, helping you avoid the expense and hassle of system replacement.

Are you experiencing a problem with your septic system? Give us a call and we’ll find a solution.

A problem with your septic system can be extremely frustrating with worries about cost, replacement, and possible property damage. We’re here to help you find a solution as quickly as possible to alleviate the stress and protect your family and your property. We offer full repair services on septic systems for rural homeowners, including emergency repairs and remediation.

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Can My Septic System Be Repaired?

This is one of the most common questions clients ask us when they’re faced with a serious issue. Can their system be repaired without needing a replacement? The short answer is: yes, most septic system problems can be fixed.

When you call us to repair your septic system issues, we:

  • Assess and test all existing equipment – We check pumps, floats, and alarms to make sure parts are functioning properly and examine the condition of the tank.
  • Check the drain field for damage – We identify any physical damage, organic failure, and landscaping issues. Knowing the condition of all equipment and the drain field allows us to assess whether a repair is possible.
  • Develop a project specifically for your property – Based on our assessment of any physical or organic damage, we customize a service recommendation for your septic system.

Some telltale signs that there is an issue with the drain field are soft or muddy conditions, foul odours, and very lush green grass. This poses a significant health and safety risk, environmental concern, and considerable risk of winter freeze which can result in sewage backup in the home. Never ignore signs of failure at the drain field – give us a call as soon as you can.

We proudly place guarantees & warranties on all of our work.

Our services and products are backed by the most comprehensive guarantees and warranties in the industry, nationwide. We stand behind our work 100% with a Lifetime Guarantee on remediation projects and extensive warranties on all installed equipment. We are guided by the regulations of the Alberta Standards of Practice, Private Sewage under the Alberta Safety Codes Act.

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Leading the industry using innovation, experience, and advanced technologies

At SepTech Canada, we focus on solving the most common issues experienced by rural homeowners using the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions. We are the exclusive certified installer and consults for many advanced industry technologies for wastewater treatment, soil and drain field remediation, state-of-the-art alarms, and in-line heat trace.

We have also developed a new piece of technology for the alarm phase that’s exclusive to our clients. We are certified to install and service the equipment we use. Our team has a finger on the pulse of the latest developments in septic systems and is always up-to-date on training.

We offer financing on all services & products

A failing septic system can be a frustrating and often frightening experience with worries about cost. At SepTech Canada, we do our best to find a cost-effective solution to even the most complex challenges. We offer financing on all of our services and products for your peace of mind (OAC).

“…responded right away and had his crew out to fix the problem.”

Wow, where to start! My parents had an urgent septic issue this week on their acreage and we needed a company quick as who wants to deal without toilets for very long. The owner, Greg, responded right away and had his crew out to fix the problem. The entire group were professional, friendly, took great pride in the work done and cleanup. There was extra work that had to be done yet the very reasonable quote remained the same. I highly recommend SepTech if you are looking for incredible service at an outstanding price. Thank you Greg and team!

SepTech Customer | Meghan Peters

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We offer the most extensive septic system inspections, evaluation protocol, and reporting in our industry, especially for real estate transactions.

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