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About Us

SepTech Solutions Canada, Inc was born of a strong desire foster the development and use of cutting edge technology and to cost effectively solve problems faced by virtually every rural home owner.  Septic failures are messy, expensive and until now, have been an unfortunately part of an otherwise pleasurable rural lifestyle.  Septic systems have been designed to fail, and over 90% of septic failures are caused by natural creation of organic biomat which clogs leech lines and removes soil’s ability to drain water.

Using patented technology and equipment, we design certified solutions & systems that remediates (fixes) failing systems, equipment and organic drainfield failure indefinitely satisfying the requirements of Government of Alberta. The health and safety of your family and property is our primary focus while being exceptionally conscious of cost and effectiveness long term.  We proudly place extensive guarantees and warrantees on all of our work. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work 100% with a Lifetime Guarantee on remediation projects and extensive warrantees on all installed equipment.

Industry Leading Tech

SepTech Canada is the exclusive certified installer and consult for many advanced technologies that provide exceptional options for homeowners.

No Obligation Consultation

Our experienced technicians perform on-site assessments to confirm issues and propose solutions for any concerns or problems with your septic system. 

No Obligation Consultation & Estimate

Our experienced technicians perform on-site assessments Monday – Friday between 8am – 4pm to confirm issues and propose solutions for any concerns or problems with your septic system. It is our pleasure to schedule a time for personal consultation at your property. After Hours & Weekend service is available on request. 

Emergency? We are Available 24/7

SepTech Solutions Canada is your trusted source for the best advice, technical knowledge and genuine care for your property and family. We gain your business the old fashoined way – by earning it.

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