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Septic Drain Field Repair

 The average natural lifespan of a septic field in Strathcona County is around 15 years. However, 80% of drain field failures are fully repairable through healing restoration of the aged and clogged soil using advanced technology, saving the field without the need for any system replacement.

When soil clogs it slows the wastewater from flowing downward, it causes untreated septic effluent (raw sewage water) to appear at the surface on or around the drain field.

Over time, an organic ‘biomat’ is created by the soil’s filtering action of the water through the drain field eventually building to the point where the ground is saturated and cannot accept any more liquid.

When this happens, the sewage can either come up through the ground or go backward toward your house.

Either result is detrimental to your health, home, and family, resulting in expensive and often devastating repairs as well as posing significant health risks.


Looking For Septic Drain Field Repair?

We provide septic drain field repair and have the technology, equipment, and expertise to relieve this clogging permanently ensuring your home remains safe and your valued property protected.

What Does Your Drain field Do?

Your drain field functions as an integral part of your septic system is to filter the water that leaves your septic tank through soil removing pollutants and pathogens to safely re-introduce the water back into the environment.

Problems occur, however, when over time the filtering action of the soil is restricted by a slimy bacterial mucous that coats granules until they literally join together rendering the soil impenetrable. This prevents the wastewater from draining down through the soil.


Signs You Have a Serious Drain field Issue

You may notice a problem with your drain field and make some assumptions that it will ‘heal itself’ – it won’t and repair needs to be addressed before it is too late and has gone beyond the point of repair-ability.

If you are aware of the warning signs, you can catch the problem early enough and engage professional service to do septic drain field repair.

Here are some signs that you have a serious drain field issue:

  • Wet Spots in the Yard.When your septic drain field system starts to slow (the early signs) water will seep up through the grass and be soft and mushy, usually presenting some odours.
  • Black Slimy Substance. On the surface of the drain field or the edges surrounding it, a black slimy substance can form and is an indication that the soil is restricted or the system is malfunctioning.
  • Freezing in Winter. When the wastewater is restricted & moving slowly through the drain field it will freeze in the winter creating a solid block of ice that cannot be melted. When this happens no water will enter the field and the septic tank will back-up. It is very common for the field to once again accept some water over summer, then freeze again, every winter. Once this starts it only gets worse, never better on its own. Note that a very common practice of discharging sewage directly from the septic tank to the surface of the bush is not only risking health & safety but also illegal risking significant fines of up to $100,000.
  • Effluent Pump Running Too Often or for Long Periods. The first thing you may notice if your septic drain field is becoming restricted is the pump running for long periods (bursts) or engaging more often. This is caused when the drain field can accept some water but not the amount it should and becomes exacerbated (worse) quickly. Aside from field failure this will greatly reduce the life of the pump and burn out the motor running a risk of back-up into the house.

Even if the signs of a clogged drain field seem mild, the last thing you want to do is wait until it becomes a bigger issue. If addressed in a timely way septic drain field repair is available before replacement is necessary.

Protect your home, your family, and your septic system by calling in the professionals at SepTech Solutions Canada.

Did you know that over 80% of septic drain field issues can be repaired instead of replaced?

Call us today to qualify your septic system for certified repair!