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Camrose County Septic Services

24/7 Septic Repair in Camrose County

Whether its a clogged drainfield, sewage backup, an overflowing tank, wastewater seepage, or bad odour, our licensed SepTech Solutions technicians are available 24/7 to provide emergency septic repair services in Camrose County.

Get peace of mind with our professional and reliable on-call emergency service. Call today!

Why Choose SepTech Canada

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work 100% with a Lifetime Guarantee on remediation projects and extensive warrantees on all installed equipment.

Industry Leading Tech

SepTech Canada is the exclusive certified installer and consult for many advanced technologies that provide exceptional options for homeowners.

No Obligation Consultation

Our experienced technicians perform on-site assessments to confirm issues and propose solutions for any concerns or problems with your septic system. 

Septic System Repair Services in Camrose

SepTech Canada services septic systems in and around the City of Camrose! We have worked with residents of Camrose for many years, and understand the specific needs of septic systems in Central Alberta. SepTech Canada has been performing septic services and drainfield repairs in Alberta for many years, and is about to anticipate the unique details that come with rural septic systems in Alberta. We are happy to provide advice and service for your septic system in Camrose.  

We have a 24/7 live-answer call system that is monitored by expert technicians. If you live in Camrose and believe that your septic system is acting up and needs service, we would be pleased to assist you. Whether we help you on-call or need to come to Camrose and take a look at your property’s septic system, we’ll ensure that you feel secure your septic system is being taken care of.

Camrose is located in east-central Alberta a little over an hour south of Edmonton. Known as the ‘Rose City,’ Camrose is well known for its expansive rural areas that are covered in wild roses, in particular the Camrose Rose that was bred for Alberta’s unique climate. Camrose is home to many acreages and rural homes that all rely on septic systems to function. SepTech Canada is happy to help residents of Camrose with all their septic needs. We want to ensure that the communities of the area feel comfortable that if anything happens with their septic system, SepTech will be there as soon as possible. 

No one wants to deal with septic issues. Septic system problems are stressful for everyone, but they don’t have to be when you call SepTech Canada. Our team specializes in helping counties and communities surrounding Edmonton with all their septic needs. We know the ins and outs of the City of Camrose, and will be able to diagnose any issues and create a plan of action to solve them. Whether it’s something small like a pump issue or more serious issues like septic drainfield failure, we will be able to help!

Septic Services in Camrose we provide:

  • Septic inspections
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Emergency Service
  • Septic Drainfield Remediation and Repair


SepTech is well equipped to provide service in Camrose. If you’re encountering any issues with your septic system in Camrose and its surrounding areas, call us for a free consultation!


No Obligation Consultation & Estimate

Our experienced technicians perform on-site assessments Monday – Friday between 8am – 4pm to confirm issues and propose solutions for any concerns or problems with your septic system. It is our pleasure to schedule a time for personal consultation at your property. After Hours & Weekend service is available on request.