What To Do When Your Septic Tank Alarm Goes Off




Septic alarms are designed to alert you when the sewer water level in the septic tank is too high and poses a potential risk of overflow and backup. When your septic tank alarm goes off, it means that something isn’t right and the system needs attention. The good news is that when septic alarms are activated, you have time to address the issue.

How septic alarms work

Septic alarms can be installed on the exterior of the tank, mounted to the wall of your home, or inside the property. They typically consist of the following:

  • A float or level monitoring system that gauges the level of the liquid in the tank
  • A visual component (beacon)
  • An audible component (siren, horn, or buzzer)

As the water level rises, the float or monitoring system detects this sudden change and trips the alarm. Most alarms have a mute function that allows you to turn off the audible signal while the visual alert stays on until the issue is resolved.

Generally, the septic alarm goes off when the water level is too high. This could indicate an issue with the pump, timer, floats, and other parts, causing water to drain into the system or groundwater to seep through the tank.

Steps to take when your septic alarm goes off

When your septic alarm goes off, you have about a day’s worth of water usage before the issue can potentially cause flooding or a backup. Remember, septic alarm installation is to alert you early on before it becomes a bigger problem. Without an alarm, you wouldn’t become aware of the problem until it becomes a costly situation.

Steps to take when your alarm goes off:

  • Mute the alarm
  • Check the water level in the septic tank
  • Call SepTech Canada at 780-640-1518 or your local septic professional
  • Limit water usage in the home to prevent liquid levels from rising
  • Take a walk through your home to identify any backed-up sewage seeping through the drains

It’s important not to ignore the issue or assume that everything is okay, even if the septic tank’s water level seems fine. When the alarm gets triggered but there isn’t actually a problem, this is called a “nuisance alert” which can be a simple issue such as improper float installation or a problem with the float itself.

Nuisance alerts are risky because when homeowners realize nothing is wrong, they’ll often disable the alarm without properly resetting it. If a real issue with the water levels happens in the future, the disabled alarm cannot alert the homeowner.

Where to find emergency septic services

SepTech Canada specializes in repairing residential septic systems in the counties of Strathcona, Sturgeon, Beaver, Camrose, Leduc, and Parkland. Whether your septic alarm has been triggered or you notice some early warning signs of a septic system problem, give us a call, and we can help.