Septic Tank Alarms: Avoid Costly Repairs this Winter

Septic Tank Alarms

If you have a septic tank, you should always have a septic tank alarm installed. A septic tank alarm is your best defence against backups, property damage, and hazardous situations. During the winter months, weather-related issues can occur, and having an alarm system in place can be a lifesaver. 

What is a Septic Tank Alarm?

A septic tank alarm is an alarm that sounds when something is going on with your septic system. There are a few different types of alarms, but each is designed to be a warning system for early detection of issues so you can fix the problem before they escalate. An alarm system helps to prevent significant problems, back-ups and complete system failures requiring replacement. 

Outdoor alarms are attached to the outside of the home or property with a weather-resistant covering. Indoor alarms are typically placed inside the home or garage. Wireless alarms allow homeowners to keep tabs on their septic tanks from anywhere. 

Septic tank alarms are a no-brainer for homeowners. They can be installed by a reliable septic tank repair company or homeowners with proper tools and know-how. 

What are the Benefits of Having an Alarm on your Septic Tank?

Septic tank alarms have many benefits, as they can prevent severe damage to your home, property and health. A backup can damage your home and create a hazardous environment with mould and bacteria. It can contaminate nearby rivers, lakes, and streams in severe cases. Repairing the damage left behind by a backup can be very expensive. 

Taking preventative measures to ensure a backup doesn’t happen is part of being a responsible septic tank owner. 

A septic tank alarm can alert you to high water levels, pump and power failure, or low temperature, and taking action before a problem occurs is invaluable. 

What Should You Do If the Alarm Goes Off?

If you are in a situation where your septic tank alarm is sounding, your first step should be to check the tank’s level to see where it is. Contact your local septic company if you’re unsure or if it is higher. Reputable septic companies should offer 24-hour emergency service to help when you need them because emergencies don’t happen from nine to five. 

If the company you’ve contacted can’t assist you over the phone, they should be able to have a technician call back. A service call would be the next step if the issue can’t be resolved on a call. 

Typically, alarms are set up to give you another day’s worth of water usage so you have time to resolve the issue, but it’s essential to have a professional come to your property to be safe. 

What Happens if Your Sewage Backs Up?

Since septic tank alarms are designed to prevent just this, it’s unlikely that you’ll have sewage backup with a properly functioning alarm. However, if you don’t have an alarm correctly installed and this occurs, here’s what you should do. 

When you notice the backup, keep people and pets away from the contaminated area. The contents of the backup can be dangerous and hazardous, so stay away from the area as much as you can. Contact a local and professional septic company for emergency services. 

Avoid using any water until the issue is resolved. All wastewater from the property goes through your septic system, so you could potentially make the issue worse by doing laundry, dishes, showering, or bathing. 

Your septic technician can look at the situation, diagnose the problem, and suggest a solution. They can also provide clean-up advice and guidance. 

If it’s necessary to pump out the septic tank to clear a blockage or whatever is causing the backup, that can be done by the septic company. If you have any questions, a qualified septic professional should answer them for you. 

In some cases, a complete septic tank replacement is required. A new septic tank can be an expensive investment, but necessary for proper performance. 

Getting Your Septic Tank Alarm Installed by SepTech

We have 24/7 emergency service and are here to help when you’re in a pinch. If you have questions about your septic system and alarm, we’re happy to answer them. We offer the highest quality solutions to septic system issues. If you need a septic tank alarm or need us to respond to an alarm, call (780) 640-1518 or fill out our contact form!